Kit to Staying Fit in a Covid World
During lockdown, three quarters of Brits took up at least one new form of exercise and, of those who did so, 8 out of 10 said that they would try to continue with their new exercise regime as life returns to a ‘new normal’. Exercise is a great way to boost your mental and physical health, both of which are imperative in the wake of a pandemic, and although new government rules allow only six people to meet, gyms and other sports facilities remain open for now. However, hygiene concerns due to COVID-19 coupled with the ease in which germs can spread from person to person via clothing and towels means that having your own kit is more important than ever. Update your kit bag with these essentials from Go Travel.

Squeezy Bottles

The most common behavioral change we’ve seen as a result of the pandemic is improved personal hygiene and this is especially important in gyms where bodily fluids on shared machinery can pose a risk of infection. Make keeping clean an easy task with the Squeezy Bottles from Go Travel. This handy duo of reusable 100ml bottles allow you to bring all your essential toiletries to the gym or swimming pool so you can wash away sweat, chlorine and any germs before heading home. A leak-proof, non-drip cap prevents accidental spillages when in your bag and a rear suction cup attaches to any shower screen or tiled area to allow you to keep toiletries away from the floor or frequently touched areas.

Travel Towel (XL)

Whether in a spin class or drying off after a swim, Go Travel’s super absorbent Travel Towel (XL) is a great addition to your kit bag. Made out of a high-quality microfibre which is machine washable and gentle on the skin, this lightweight towel is compact when folded and it is quick drying so there’s no need to pop a soggy towel in your bag after drying off. Its generous dimensions will keep you covered in the changing rooms and, if your gym or swimming pool is encouraging customers to shower and change at home, it’s big enough to ensure you’ll be able to wrap up on your way to the car. Plus, the large hanging loop conveniently keeps the towel off the floor for increased hygiene.

Wet or Dry Bag

Perfect for swimmers, surfers or those who get a sweat on, the Wet or Dry Bag from Go Travel allows you to separate wet or dirty items from clean, dry clothes in your kit bag. Packing down compactly, you can pop this convenient 5 litre dry bag in your bag ready to use after you’ve exercised. A roll-top closure keeps contents water-tight on the move and this acts as an ideal grab handle so you can pull it quickly from your pack when you need it. Easy to use, simply roll, lift and lock to seal your wet items away from the rest of your stuff.