The Staycation Trend During Covid
Back on Thursday 14th August, the UK government announced that in two days time, France, amongst others, was to be removed from the travel corridor list. With Spain also being removed at short notice at the end of July, many Brits have had to rethink their post-lockdown holidays. Now that we are in lockdown again, how will people plan for the summer of 2021? British seaside locations seem to be the destination of choice for 2020, as thousands flock to Cornwall, Devon and Dorset in search of dripping ice-cream cones, sand between their toes, quaint villages and the faint buzz of arcade games. Despite the amazing progress the UK is making with respect to vaccine inocculation rate, there is still uncertainty ahead with respect to planning for this coming summer. For those who opt to bask in the sun along the UK's coastline, Go Travel has compiled its list of beach essentials which will have you shouting, “who needs the French Rivera when you have Torbay?!” Holidaying at the British seaside has many advantages, but unless you live a stone’s throw away from the coast, it’s likely to involve a long car journey. Busy roads and hotspot delays mean making the most of travel is critical to the trip’s success.

Memory Dreamer

The Memory Dreamer travel pillow from Go Travel lets you relax and catch a few winks on route providing you’re not the driver!), to help reduce your stress levels while travelling. With a gently tapered rear and fully adjustable front closure that work together to improve your upright sleep position, you can arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to enjoy your holiday. Velvety smooth, yet breathable fabric combines with an incredibly supportive memory foam that allows you to melt into comfort and the latter provides full neck support, holding your head securely in place as you sleep to avoid neck pain and unexpected head-roll as you travel.

Squeezy Bottle

Salt water fades coloured hair and dries it out, it can also aggravate dry skin. This handy duo of reusable 100ml Squeezy Bottles from Go Travel allows you to bring all your essential toiletries to the beach so you can wash the salt from your hair and off your body, restoring moisture before the long drive home. Featuring a leak-proof, non-drip cap to prevent accidental spillages, taking all of your toiletries with you has never been easier and a rear suction cup allows you to attach them to any shower screen or tiled area for hands-free dispensing.

Wet Or Dry Bag

A trip to the beach isn’t complete without a swim in the sea, but wet swimming gear can make your car and dry clothes damp and musty. Keep these protected by putting wet swimming gear in the Wet or Dry Bag from Go Travel for the journey home. This convenient 5L dry bag with a roll-top closure keeps contents water-tight on the move. Simply roll, lift and lock to seal your wet items away from the rest of your stuff. The closure acts as an ideal grab handle so you can pull it quickly from your pack when you need it. You can also use it as a makeshift washing machine too, simply pop your dirty items in the Wet or Dry Bag with some fresh water and soap, seal it and shake to remove damaging salt water on-the-go.

Travel Towel (xl)

Ditch bulky beach towels in favour of this compact one from Go Travel. With extra-large dimensions and a coastal-themed striped design it will stand out on the sand, yet thanks to its lightweight fabric it will also pack easily into your beach-bag at the end of the day. Made from high quality microfibre, it is 100% washable and gentle on the skin. Plus, it is super absorbent, making it perfect for drying off after a swim, and it will dry far more quickly than a traditional towel, so you don’t have to worry about it making the rest of your clothes damp on the journey home.