Ergonomics -  Working from Home
In what seems like a distant memory, back in January 2020 the sight of China building two emergency hospitals at an astonishingly rate sent a chill down the spin of anyone watching the “mystery virus” unfold. When an army of workers accompanied by more than fifty JCB’s, Caterpillars and other building machinary descend on a single location and ran a 24/7 operation for seven days straight to get the job done, anyone perched at bar drooling over their next drink would have been hard pressed not to raise more than an eye brow and swallow hard.


When the UK went into lockdown in early April of that year and those who could were asked to work from home, many believed they would be back in the office in a couple of months. Back then, only one in three Brits had a dedicated workspace in their home. Today, we've repatriated the sofa, kitchen table or the floor. For many, home schooling has further encroached on the available work space and this is taking a toll.

According to research from Bupa UK, nearly two thirds of the population (11 million Brits) have sustained injuries as a result of working from home. Go Travel’s ergonomically shaped pillows provide the support you need to help prevent injury from makeshift office set-ups.

Memory Foam Lumbar Support

If you find you’re suffering from lower back pain, consider investing in a lumbar support such as the Go Travel Memory Foam Lumbar Support. When you lean forward to type, you increase the compression of the vertebrae in your lumbar region by 200% compared to if you can sit back in a relaxed position, which can cause discomfort over time. Made of high quality memory foam, the Memory Foam Lumbar Support cradles your lower back and acts as a reminder to sit back in an upright position, which helps your back stay in its natural S-shaped position. Plus, with a super soft outer fabric, it provides comfort in even the most uncomfortable of make-shift home office chairs.

That said, as we have become accustomed to working from home, some businesses, including the likes of Facebook and Google, have now made the decision to keep their employees working from home until the end of the year, and in some cased beyond. It’s clear that increased numbers of people working from home is going to be part of the ‘new normal’, so now is the time to invest in your working from home set-up.