Is Lockdown Leaving Tech Lifeless?

We’re all spending more time than usual at home at the moment and with that, our reliance on technology has sky-rocketed. From working from home to keeping ourselves entertained in the evenings, an unprecedented rise of video calling, streaming and gaming during lockdown is putting pressure on devices to keep up the pace.

During the first national lockdown, Brits were spending an average of 40% of their waking day watching TV and streaming videos online, amounting to an astonishing 45 hours a week * . However, this has increased even more in the midst of the current restrictions. A recent study published by the University College London has revealed that a fifth of us are watching more television, streaming films and gaming and a third are working more, meaning batteries are really taking a battering.

Poor battery life can quickly become a burden, so we’ve pulled together a list of great charging essentials that will keep your devices primed for video calls, movie marathons and keeping in touch with friends and family over social media.

World UK Duo Adaptor + USB

Battery manufacturers say that after 400 full charges (usually 18 months to 2 years) a device’s battery capacity will begin to degrade. With studies showing that 47% of adults are now keeping their smartphones for 3-5 years ** , it’s no wonder we’re all reaching for the charger! With screens, laptops and smartphones dominating plug points, space for battery-protecting, quick charges for your power- hungry devices can be a luxury. Our World UK Duo Adaptor + USB is a great solution as it allows you to safely power four devices from a single socket. This grounded adaptor features two plug inputs and two USB ports. The ports have a 2.4A auto- regulating power output when dual charging, automatically detecting the device on charge and adjusting power for the quickest charge time so you can get back to streaming your favourite show in minutes. Providing peace of mind, our high quality adaptors have been designed with precision to be fully compliant to the most stringent standards, keeping you and your devices protected.


2m Charging Cables

Ensuring easier access to use and charge a phone or tablet, our two metre charging cables are essentials for life during lockdown. Working from home means that your makeshift office may not be right next to a plug socket, but whether you’re sat on the sofa or set up on your kitchen table, these high-quality charging cables will keep your battery topped up from any spot in the room.

A high speed data transfer of up to 480Mbps means you can effortlessly transfer documents from a remote server or quickly back up those snaps from that weekend walk in the woods. These extra-long cables are available with different connectors, from USB-C to Apple Lightning connectors, to fit a variety of devices so there’s no need to worry about your phone dying at a crucial moment..



* Ofcom; Lockdown leads to surge in TV screen time and streaming
* How often should you upgrade your phone? Our upgrade cycle infographic